GUIDE: 5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media In 2018

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5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media In 2018

5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media In 2018

5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media In 2018
5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media In 2018

In 2018, social media is an essential tool for musicians, and it’s often the starting point for new artists. While it’s not a replacement for your own website, you can give fans easy access to your bio, tour dates, music, photos, videos, and contact info. With more modern platforms like Instagram and Snapchat taking off, it’s in your best interest to form a presence across the board.

Many artist have extreme talent but don’t understand how to properly communicate with their fans via social media. All of us have liked an artist before because we enjoyed the music, only to later unlike after a ridiculous influx of annoying, overly promotional, one-directional content. Here are five ways to promote your music on social media.

1. Content, Quality & Consistency

Content & Quality: High quality photos and visual content is obviously the answer in 201& and beyond. The more you can invest in your pictures, videos and other multimedia content formats, the better your chances are of standing out amid the noise. You need content that grabs a fans/followers attention as they’re quickly swiping through their news feeds.

Consistency: One of the most annoying things an artist can do is drown their followers in content. It seems like every day we’re seeing the same music video posted over and over and over by some budding artist. Don’t drown your followers in content they really don’t need in their newsfeeds. On the other hand, don’t fall silent! You don’t want your fans to forget about you. Try to be active in your branding by sharing positive, engaging content.

Here are some loose posting guidelines to follow (which, of course, you should test, analyze, and adjust based on what’s most effective for you):

Facebook: four to seven times a week
Twitter: one to four times a day
Instagram: one to two times a weekday

2. Make It Interactive

Social media is a terrific platform to interact with your fans. A new popular method of engagement is asking your followers to interpret your music and inviting them into the creative process. A great example of this is creative Instagram Challenges. A method like this empowers your fans creatively, and it makes them feel involved with the music, rather than being solely a consumer.

3. Offer an incentive

Incentives are a great way to engage your fans via social media. Several artists will use the “repost” incentive, which has its benefits. Another incentive could be making a campaign about your new album and offering free merchandise to the first 25 people to like a picture you took of the test-pressing process. It’s important to be sure your incentive is realistic. You should budget what it’ll cost you, and plan for the risks you might take in giving things away.

4. Make Your Promotions Actionable

When you’re creating a promotional post, make sure your fans/followers know how to act on this information. It’s always better to tell readers exactly what you want them to do, e.g., “Buy it now!” “Click here to see…” or “Sign up here.” If your post or tweet doesn’t leave your reader with a clear call to action, many won’t take it.

5. Make it personal

Fans want to see what’s going on behind the scenes and feel like you’re speaking with them personally. Talk in a conversational manner, post pictures of you doing average things. Being relatable will resonate with your followers. Would you rather see Drake post a link to buy his new album or a picture of the original handwritten lyrics to your favorite songs, telling you how much they mean to him? If your content is personal and genuine, your followers will feel more connected to you and the meaning behind your music. Make it personal and relevant to the music.


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