Business & Entrepreneurs: Tasha Colvin Founder Of Miami Finga Licking

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Business & Entrepreneurs: Tasha Colvin Founder Of Finga Licking Miami


CViddy TV’s July Business & Entrepreneurs — brought to you by Behind The Scenes Kings features a South Florida culinary staple and highlights the journey of a young women’s dream through the necessary hurdles any business owner would meet when embarking on the road of entrepreneurship. Tasha Colvin began her culinary aspirations in the humble kitchen of her grandmother where she learned the basic of creating and recreating comforting dishes for the soul. As a young women Tasha was keenly aware that the culinary industry was her calling but she was much more than just a good cook.

Tasha began working at her first restaurant, “Velma’s” which was named after her grandmother. Tasha would later embark on the lofty goal of opening another restaurant and with the support of a tight knit family and close friends she opened “Miami’s Finga Licking in the heart of the city ‘s urban-metropolitan area during the year 2012. She shared that in the preliminary stages she struggled a lot with managing her self and as well as staying on top of the needs of the restaurant. Tasha makes it clear that without those who supported and gave her insight on running a business to it’s highest professional caliber, she would not have been able to accomplish what she has to date. Tasha proudly shares that through her catering for celebrities she developed an entrepreneurial relationship with industry veteran E-Class. 

Through her strategic planning and the valuable partnerships including sponsors Dj Khaled ‘The Licking‘ has opened three promising locations around South Florida and is seeing steady growth as an independent restaurant chain. CViddy TV prides itself on showcasing authentic and bold stories of our local industry leaders and shakers. Tasha Colvin, CEO and Chef of Miami’s ‘The Licking’ we salute you!

Watch our exclusive interview with Tasha below.

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