February 2017 Digital Cover Issue: Bruno Mali

February 7th, 2017 by
CViddy TV's February Digital Cover Issue Featuring Miami Rapper Bruno Mali

Interview By Catiana Saillant
Editorial By Jeromy Alexander
Portraits By Orlando Barros

Photograph: Orlando Barros
Photographer: Orlando Barros

Many young recording artists of today’s hip-hop industry have had the fortune of starting their careers with a pure light and clear direction… then somehow; for one reason or another that light never get’s it’s full opportunity to shine. In our February Digital Issue CViddy TV proudly shines our artist spotlight on a young artist who has seen the depths of sorrows and failure, only to resurface on top of his game stronger and more impactful than ever.

Bruno Mali comes from the slums of Miami; from a childhood and adolescence filled with hardships that he uses to illustrate and craft lyrical bars of potence and unmistaken cadence. Mali brings to hip-hop a level of character and integrity to a culture where those qualities run scarce. CViddy TV’s CEO and editor Catiana Saillant sat with Bruno in their home city of Miami at Brickell’s Riverwalk, where he expressed openly the challenges and victories that has brought him to the forefront as one of hip-hop’s leading upcoming artists in Florida. Bruno detailed how in the industry he has formed solid bonds with fellow Florida MC’s, including Ace Hood. He states clearly that those who came before him are legends and those who do not respect their predecessors have no place in Hip-Hop.

It’s with such pride that we showcase Bruno; who was buried by  the industry under the guise known as Young Spook; has risen above all odds to truly showcase that drive, ambition and hard work wins over adversity and brings about a reality one can only dream of! Bruno Mali is the underdog; yet he’s proven through his painstaking talent and creativity; he’s nothing less than a champion.

CViddy TV Premiere’s “The Cover Unwrapped” featuring Bruno Mali Directed By Kejuan Blake watch below.

Photographer: Orlando Barros

Interview Highlights:

Tell us about your transition from Young Spook to Bruno Mali.
“At first it was a business move. The Young Spook tag was owned and it was for business purposes. I came in with the passion and loving music but I didn’t know much about the business. I had to get in tune with the business and once I understood the business I had to reinvent myself.”
What are the differences between Bruno Mali and Young Spook? 
“Bruno Mali is more business but the passion ain’t go no where. We gon’ get that paperwork, that studio ain’t going nowhere and we gon’ drop these tracks. Young Spook was just passion.”
What is your take on the Miami music scene and what do you bring to the table? 
“I feel like I bring real music and good music. It’s a lot of Miami artists out here doing that real music too. I’m playing my part I’m bringing what I could by representing my section and my side of the story –Little Haiti, I’m holding it down. I’m a project n*gga. The Miami music scene is looking beautiful and everybody is coming together. I feel like the light on the city like never before, as long as you doing what your suppose to be doing they’ll see you, you just have to keep working.”
You’ve been in the studio with Kiddo Marv and Monk, tell us about that? 
“Me and Monk we got sh*t in the archives he’s sitting on so many records. Me and Kiddo we just knocking them out, I love his energy he just grinding and whenever he reaches out to me or has something for me I jump on it ASAP. We got some sh*t coming.”
Photographer: Orlando Barros
Photographer: Orlando Barros
What are your thoughts on the current state of Hip-hop? 
“It’s turned into a business and creativity has been thrown out the window. I respect the new generations but I believe we should bring it back to originality; where  artist were given guidance trough the music.” 
How do you feel about new artist not respecting the OG’s of hip-hop? 
“I don’t respect them. Before you could pick up a pen and pad these guys were doing it before you. Where do you get it from? How did you learn how to put your bars together? Even if you don’t put it together like Tupac, Tip, and or E-40 you learned it from somewhere. If you can’t respect them I can’t respect you.”
How did your relationship with Ace Hood come about? 
“I was going through a little situation in the streets before I really took this seriously and I started reaching out to people looking for an opportunity. I didn’t care where it was coming from I just wanted someone to put me in the game so I can do what I gotta do. I reached out to Fat Boy and he reached out to Ace. The first record I let Ace here was G-Thang and within the next week we were in Atlanta and we just went to working. 
When should we expect the video for your single  Deco Drive to release? 
“It’s coming soon! I’m going to catch them off guard but it’s coming real soon!”
(Bruno released the video for Deco Drive last week, watch below.)
Photographer: Orlando Barros
Photographer: Orlando Barros
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