Kiddo Marv’s “Kingz In Denial Don’t Over Come” (REVIEW)

November 22nd, 2017 by
Kiddo Marv’s “Kingz In Denial Don't Over Come” (REVIEW)

Qw Kiddo Marv’s “Kingz In Denial Don’t Over Come” (REVIEW)

Kiddo Marv’s “Kingz In Denial Don't Over Come” (REVIEW)
Kiddo Marv’s “Kingz In Denial Don’t Over Come” (REVIEW)

In an era where the majority of new artist practically mimic the same flows the willingness to listen has become unreceptive. However, a small part of the mass is a list of exciting talents and South Florida native Kiddo Marv is one of them. If you’re unfamiliar with Kiddo let us take you back to 2015, the year of the rapper’s breakout. Kiddo released his critically acclaimed mixtape “Dying 2 Live,” followed by “Dying 2 Live Again” in 2016. From then on, Kiddo has consistently put out music, which has stamped him one of Miami’s most promising rappers.

Fast forward to today, Kiddo Marv debuted his long-awaited album Kingz In Denial Don’t Over Come, a 17-track odyssey that ruffles between street lifestyle, love, relationships, blood, sweat, tears, and ambition. From the extremely smooth introduction, “Dark Clouds,” it is clear that Kiddo decided to go with the latter, as his murmuring vocals and uptempo flux create an adrenaline that carries through to the rest of the album. Tracks like “Risk,” and “Make it back,” showcases Kiddo’s incomparable skills with the pen when it comes to delivering catchy hooks. “What’s Ya Life Like” is predicted the fan favorite, the record features Koly P and new-comer Freese Cola. The collaborators individually and authentically body their verses in different tones and styles. Another standout, “Me & My Baby,” a sweet serenade for the ladies.

Whether he’s rapping about street life or sending motivational messages, Kiddo Marv’s ability to go from hard rap to melodies while he masters flow over different production is what solidifies his foundation as a rapper. Kingz In Denial Don’t Overcome is a solid music catalog, the project has features from Major Nine, Mirror Monk, and Maxxy Trap.

We would love to share more details but we would hate to take away from the project. Stream Kingz In Denial Don’t Over Come below.



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