May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve’Len

May 3rd, 2017 by
May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len

Interview By Catiana Saillant
Editorial By Jeromy Alexander
Portraits By Orlando Barros

May 2017 Digital Cover: Twleve'Len
photographer: Orlando Barros

For the 5th installment of CViddy TV’s Digital Cover, we got an exclusive glimpse into the mystique, luminous and captivating voice rising from within Miami’s music culture. Twelve’Len is currently pioneering his own artistic evolution. Through an eclectic array of musical contributions, his talents has brought him industry notoriety; commending his lyrical craftsmanship and subtle melodic trances. CViddy TV‘s editor-in-chief, Catiana Saillant met with Twelve’Len on Miami’s 265 acre reserve, Greynold’s Park; where he gave some insight into the origins of his musical inspirations, how they’ve contributed to his creative pursuits and why exactly he’s meant to change the scope of mainstream R&b music.

Twelve’len released a visual compliment with his latest LP titled FRIENDS. The elusive visuals for “All Week Long“, a short film directed by Jonathan M. Machado depicts the artist on a journey beyond what most R&B listeners imagine it to be. Twelve’Len represents a brash and colorful emergence of male creatives who allow their vulnerability to be the hallmark of their craft. His being of Haitian-decent and a mentor-ship with Coach K has added substantial value to his creative direction within an industry that is at a constant flux. Twelve’Len is in no rush to sign a major record deal as he is carefully tuning his sound and influence for the masses.

The Miami bred crooner is currently working on his forthcoming project which is intended to bridge his current sounds to the evolution of what’s to come in the near future. Twelve’Len shared that this project is an experimentation of traditional sounds and an ode to his 1972 classic Cutlass Supreme. He has reportedly collaborated with producers such as DJ Dahi, Dodger Stadium, Allan Kingdom and Miami’s own, LunchMoney Lewis.  Twelve’Len is an intricate and very business savvy artist who is determined to carve his own image of peace and leave an endearing impression upon his audience that represents all that he embodies. Alternative R&B singer or leader of the R&B renaissance? I’ll  boldly choose the latter; Twelve’Len is a league of his own and draws no comparisons to his contemporaries; he is what most would define as an original, unorthodox class act.

CViddy TV Premiere’s “The Cover Unwrapped” featuring Twelve’Len watch below.

May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len
Photographer: Orlando Barros

Tell us about the origin of your music? 

“Twelve’ Len is an entity in which I believe already existed in me. It started off with my grandfather and I, digging deep into our roots, my nationality of being Haitian and West African religions. Twelve is the number of law and perfection and my grandfather’s name is Len, he was a big inspiration for me musically. I started creating music at the age of 9.”
“The whole Radar Clan scene started emerging in 2009-2011 and I was among that. I was on more of the Hip Hop side of things and the scenes, creative directing majority of those artist.”
“My music started to evolve when I started to implement things and people like my Grandmother because I grew up in the church choir. I found my self gravitating more towards being melodic and confident in that route. This led me to dig deeper into R&B and Rock music.” 
You were a band before going solo? 
“No, I actually wasn’t in a band. The newspapers and articles came out to my shows they saw a full band so they started perceiving it as one. I’m really big on marketing, I don’t bother things if it generates heat. So, I never really stepped out to justify if it was or wasn’t. It was two producers that I worked with and whenever I performed I asked them to come out and perform with me.” 
May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len
Photographer: Orlando Barros
May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len
Photographer: Orlando Barros
Recently you posted on Instagram, “This new project is a warning I swear it’s nothing but fun that went into creating it. 14 records all hits.” Tell us about the project. 
“They’re all hits, they all have energy that tap into the emotions in which I want to project. They’re all perfect! I’ve worked with a lot of different producers with this project like DJ Dahi he produced majority of everything on Kendrick’s Lamar’s DAMN album. I also worked with Dj Dodger Stadium, he produced some songs off of  “Watch The Throne, Miami’s Lunch Money Lewis, he wrote a couple of records with me and Allan Kingdom.”
“This project was created because I wanted something in between my signing date and actually releasing my album with whatever label I decide to go with. I also wanted this project to be a bridge in between FRIENDS and what’s to come. This project is really me experimenting my sounds and showing people the growth.”
Do you have any features on this project? 
“Yes, Allan Kingdom who is featured on Kanye West’s “All Day,” Denzel Curry and one with Washy Fire. I have a couple more but I’ll leave that for the project.”
When will the project be released? 
I’m in the midst of actually wrapping it up right now. It’ll probably be out by the end of May. 
May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len
Photographer: Orlando Barros
Is there a record deal in the works? 
“A few deals have been presented to me and I turned them down. It’s really about being patient and waiting for the perfect and the best opportunity for you.”
“A lot of people are so against signing and they don’t really understand what is an independent artist. An independent artist is not an artist that isn’t signed to a label. Every independent artist is connected to a label, period. They had someone to put up that bag to be able to get them where they need to be in their career. With A publishing deal you’re still independent but someone still owns a percentage of something. So right now I’m just waiting on the right deal. Coach K and I have many discussions about what exactly is the best direction for me. There’s a lot things that I brought up to him in regards to signing a publishing deal and he always guides me into the right direction. Coach helps me understand the music business and certain things that I don’t know about it. I’ve been around the music business for a long time like Poeboy’s E-Class and Freezy, they basically raised me. Half of my life I didn’t have my father there so the neighborhood men raised me.”


May 2017 Digital Cover | Twleve'Len
Photographer: Orlando Barros
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