New Drake Snippet Surfaces Online

November 12th, 2017 by
New Drake Snippet Surfaces Online

New Drake Snippet Surfaces Online

New Drake Snippet Surfaces Online
New Drake Snippet Surfaces Online

The other day, Drake did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where he confirmed for the next 6-12 months he’ll be taking some time off of music. From what we can gather on his Instagram and by what he says at shows, that means that he’ll still be working on a new album but we won’t hear it until we’re well into 2018 and perhaps close to 2019.

Last month though, we heard a snippet of a new song that Quavo and Drizzy have in the stash. The month before that was a different Drake snippet that we heard through Landon Collins. Tonight a new snippet has surfaced.

It’s only 9 seconds long and even combined with the 2 snippets before it, doesn’t tell us much about a new direction Drake could be going in for his forthcoming release. But it’s worth checking out regardless. Listen below.

“…for me
Don’t pull up at 6AM to cuddle with me
You know how I like it when you loving on me
I don’t wanna die for them to…”


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