Rapper Rich | “All Things Considered” LP Review

May 12th, 2017 by

When you hit play to stream the latest release from Broward County native Rapper Richyou hear the familiar voice of WLRN’s Tracy Fields who introduces the LP as a general broadcast for listeners; which indicates the overall tone of the album.  YetAll Things Considered”  is not just another generic hip-hop album that vaguely ambushes listeners with high profile production or features; instead the lyricist decisively touches on various topics and issues that hip-hop enthusiasts and journalists would applaud and highly appreciate.

Based on the seamless and illustrious sounds of super producer Mr.Compliment  the LP opens with the conscious track ‘Frontal Lobes‘; which explores the contradicting stigmas of society. Rich unapologetically shares his sentiments that remain at the fore of mind. The LP continues with the upbeat and memorable track ‘Wygts‘, featuring south Florida highly celebrated lyricist, SiN; who effortlessly lends his intricate word play and unmistakable cadence to the classic hip-hop tune. The LP takes on generational themes of love, self perfection and creativity with tracks like ‘Waking Up‘, ‘Daytime‘ and ‘Allure‘. The LP finds its climax on the brilliant track ‘The Dream‘ featuring Bibi Borja; which happens to be the only track not penned by Rich on the LP; the distinguished track explores colorful melodies and incomplex lyrics that provide a sense of calm to the entire LP. A concise but impactful collection of refined hip-hop compositions.

Rapper Rich confidently expresses that his love for the culture, influence and impact of hip-hop stems from providing a clear message to the masses that broadly touches on topics most genre’s tend to ignore. For the lyricist hip-hop is not just a creative outlet but a sanctuary for the oppressed; the outcasts of society who find their strength in voicing their unique stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told. ‘All Things Considered‘ is a bold and vulnerable narrative of the rappers life in sound, his flows pulsate with a confidence that moves listeners to dig deeper into the world around them. Rapper Rich’s is sure to be on the playlist of all who truly consider the purpose, beauty and art of hip-hop.

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