Tech News: Spotify debuts a new Songwriter Credits feature

February 2nd, 2018 by
Spotify To Show Songwriter & Producer Credits on Songs

Spotify debuts a new Songwriter Credits feature

Spotify debuts a new Songwriter Credits feature
Spotify debuts a new Songwriter Credits feature

Spotify is taking a big step to help producers and songwriters that is a longtime coming. The streaming giant has finally added songwriter and producer credits, following a move that Tidal made last year.
To access the credits, users just need to right click on a song and click on “see credits” in the dropdown menu. From there a pop-up menu will show the songwriters and producers.

“The more we share information, the more opportunities we can help create for songwriters,” says Annika Goldman, ‎Director of Music Publishing Operations, Spotify on their blog. “This is just the beginning of making songwriter and producer credits more easily available to Spotify listeners, and we look forward to continually improving that information, in close collaboration with our music industry partners.”

However, it is not perfect. The credits rely on what is reported in the metadata on the service. And for a fair amount of music on Spotify, the meta-data is incomplete or totally missing. Many songwriters and producers complain about not getting enough credit and not knowing where their money is coming from. This will provide transparency as to which credits are missing or available and then songwriters / producers can go to the publishers & distributors and demand that the metadata is fixed.

In the digital age, we have lost track of proper song credits as opposed to album sleeves. Some better transparency with streaming services should help.


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