GUIDE: 3 Basic Steps to Building A Brand

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#Trap 101: 3 Basic Steps to Building A Brand


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We’re living in the golden age of millennial entrepreneurship greatly influenced by the digital world. At just 20 to 35 years you’re either running a business or starting one. Almost anyone can create a logo, product and website and call it a “brand”; but it seems as though the faster they come the faster they go. Some of the basic key components of brand development can go overlooked throughout the process of the growing stage, disabling the functionality of ambition which can lead to an unsuccessful delivery. If you’re reading this then you’re obviously on a mission and while you’re here let’s go over the 3 basic beginner essentials of building a brand.

Starting Point

Go back to the drawing board, ask your self why did you start, what is your mission and the impact your business aims to make in the market. As the producer you must be able to differentiate to build a consumer association. To brand is to represent the company and understand consumers. Note, an authentic representation increases differentiation. Be engrossed in your offerings in the beginning stages to develop a gravitating personality. Whether it’s a company or a personal brand the product or service requires a facilitator.


The key elements to reflect the mission is the team, imagery, brand architecture and expansion.
Team: Having people on your staff who have the same mission as you.
Imagery: Logo, color, slogans.
Brand architecture & expansion: What is the core function of your service or product? What kind of other products or services can you build around it to help you materialize your mission in the future? What kind of innovated direction do you need to investigate, so at a later stage when you need them, you can start developing them and grow your portfolio. There should be an answer to all of these questions so that your proactively efficient in all areas of your brand.


My favorite part of branding, “marketing” the warrior and the conqueror of your business. This is where activity comes in place to complete the mission. Depending on the strategies that you use to promote your personal brand, company, products or services will determine the growth of your business. This is why it is extremely important to open up your creative windows. Whether it’s using social media, videos, radio and billboards your delivery has to be gravitating.
 Think about the packaging of your material how does it represent you? How will this welcome your consumers? How will your company communicate with your costumers if they’re experiencing issues? I can go on but I’m sure you get the message. The goal is to make sure you build a loyal community around your product or service for longevity.

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