Viddy’s Picks 0.03 (The Editor’s Choice): Eric Biddines, Marcellus Juvann, Monalyse, Storee & Rei Grant

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Viddy's Picks 0

In this week’s “Viddy Picks” our lead editor rounded up an eclectic-compilation of music from some of the most critically acclaimed independent Hip-Hop artists creating a buzz within the industry. Episode 0.03 features a group of personally selected acts that bring a fresh new wave to the culture; Marcellus Juvann, Monalyse, Eric Biddines, Rei Grant and Storee are this week’s editor’s choice.

shallow. 🌑

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Artist: Rei Grant

Song: “On My Toes”

Hometown: Miramar,Fl

We first got wind of this ambitious and gifted poet way before he released his latest EP, Shallow; as a student perusing his studies; this intriguing young Haitian male had a captivating presence and unmistakable talent that no one could ignore; at least not willingly. “On My Toes” is produced by the young protege who offers a memorable delivery, cadence and heavy bars over a mellow sonic-shifting production.

 Listen Below!

Artist: Eric Biddines

Song: “Coffee Love”

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Eric Biddines is no stranger to being on a  hip-hop-hit list or being noted as one of the most underrated hip-hop artists in all of Florida; his insanely genius collaborative effort “Golden Ticket” as 1/2 of Golden Rules; w/ @PaulWhiteMusic making up the other half;  one of independent music’s most creative contributions, Biddines has recently released his latest; “The Local Cafe”. Eric’s unmistakable intonation and southern tone create allusive hip-hop tunes that take listeners to the depths of originality as well as to the heights of nostalgia.

 Listen Below! #CartiersAndMinks

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Artist: Monalyse

Song: “Cartiers And Minks”

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Haling all the way from the city of Detroit, Monalyse caught our attention at last years #ArtBasel festivities where she performed @ THE Elephant Room; swinging out the gate with her fierce new track; a bold female narrative of how she ain’t taking no losses! Monalyse is a femceee with nothing and everything  to prove as she asserts her status and standard effortlessly over the classic mid-west production;Monalyse is gearing up for an forthcoming mix-tape that is sure to keep the mid-west and east-coast locked!

Listen Below!

Nothing to lose. 📸 @shotbysed

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Artist: Marcellus Juvann

Song: “1 Mil Freestyle”

Hometown: Orlando,Fl

Marcellus fist caught our attention as one of the featured artist on TIDAL Rising; a platform that showcases rising talents,making industry key players take notice. Marcella is a solid lyricist and performer who possess the visionary talent and demeanor of some of HipHop’s most celebrated innovators. 1 Mill Freestyle is exactly that, innovative, compelling and showcases Juvann lyrical ability in it’s full glory! Juvann is by far one of Hip-hop’s most promising rising acts; giving us all we could ever hop for in the genre; originality, purpose and passion!

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"I found my purpose through The most high. So I'm aiming for new heights ✨ 📷 @solehimself

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Artist: Storee

Song: Dark Liquor

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Creating a notable buzz within the local art and music scene in south Florida; Storee has blessed creative audiences with her angelic and evocative vocals; she explores some of her intimate feelings alongside intricate word-play that encapsulates just how the affects of “Dark Liquor” can disillusion even the strongest desires of romance. Over the classic R&B production of Anthony Hamilton’s “Charlene”; Storee leaves us in a nostalgic mood of longing for another shot of her R&B potion…”

Listen Below!

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